Retort Burner 150 kW

Retort burners

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Retortový hořák 150 kW

Retort burner 150 kW is designed to burn solid fuels up to 30mm of grain size. Proven feeding system burns brown coal 2 (walnut), black coal (peas) and wood pellets. This type of burner can not burn plant pellets (agro - pellets), because in they sinter.

Technology of retor burner is well know for its simplicity and its low maintenance of this system. Retort burner can be installed to all cast iron and sheet metal solid fuel boilers and for its ease is also very popular type for heating of buildings.

The construction is designed in the way that the feeding screw pushes the material infront of it to the furnace and than the ash falls over its collar to the ashtray.

Air is blown from the collar of retort burner which ensures completely burnt fuel. Fuel is fed into the furnace by steel auger. Air is delivered to the system by fan which is installed on the flange of the burner. The whole technology works on the princip of the blacksmith forge. Automatic operation provides endurance of tank fuel with capacity of 250 l up to 4 days for normal house and unmanned operation. System drives an electric motor with gearbox, which is a guarantee of low operating costs.