Control unit FOX - for combi boilers with exhaust fan

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Řídící jednotka FOX pro kombinované kotle s odtahovým ventilátorem
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The FOX temperature regulator is designed for combination boilers fitted with a screw feeder with fan and an exhaust fan for the wood gas. It controls the central heating pump, hot water pump, underfloor heating pump, mixing valve pump, burner fan and fuel feeder. The regulator includes a control module for one mixing valve. The device can work with more mixing valves (with the help of additional modules), traditional room regulators (two-position ones) or with RS communications, GSM modules and Internet modules.

       This regulator has the advantage of being very easy to use. The user makes all changes to parameters from the control unit.  Another advantage is the large and well-arranged graphic display, where users can see the exact operating state of the boiler at any given moment. The FOX regulator provides an interrupted output signal. With this type of regulator, the fan speed is set by measuring the temperature of the boiler and of the flue gases at the boiler outlet.

        Using this type of regulator with a flue gas temperature sensor brings fuel savings of over twenty percent; the water output temperature is very stable, and this prolongs the life of the heat exchanger (boiler). Controlling the temperature of the flue gases at the boiler outlet results in low emissions of harmful gases. Heat energy from the flue gases is not wasted, but used to heat water.