Control Unit PANDA - for automatic boilers

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Řídící jednotka PANDA pro automatické kotle
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The PANDA control unit ensures maintenance of the required water temperature in a boiler fitted with a screw feeder. Thanks to its advanced functionality, it works automatically and economically with entire central heating, hot water and underfloor heating systems and circulation pumps. In contrast to traditional units, it offers operational modes such as day/night, economy settings and a new algorithm for controlling fan speeds. Panda offers simple, easy and comfortable control of room thermostats. The use of a room thermostat in combination with simple operation makes this unit one of the easiest and most popular on the market.

Any PANDA control unit can be linked to up to three remote panels which are the same as the main panel on the boiler. Boilers can thus be controlled from any location.

Retrofitting options:

  • Room thermostat - any wired or wireless model can be used.
  • Remote panel - for regulating the boiler from another part of the house.
  • GSM module - information and settings via GSM.
  • Storage container opening sensor - monitors the storage container so that it is not left open.
  • Electronic pin - guards the motor against overloading and gives a warning signal if the screw gets blocked, but without cutting the cotter pin.