Control unit SPARK - for automatic boilers

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Řídící jednotka SPARK pro automatické kotle
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The control unit is the latest electronic device for controlling solid fuel boilers with screw feeders. The unit uses modern technology and controls the combustion process.

The new generation controls provide users with an intuitive menu and simple controls, the use of various functions and a good layout (a TOUCH & PLAY control system with a strong display presenting information through icons). The unit has both a user and a service interface, storing data on heating systems for 3 years.

Users select from a number of operating algorithms in the unit which optimise the combustion process. The unit incorporates an intelligent menu which ensures that all disconnected modules are inactive. If an active component is not switched on the unit reports that the module in question is not connected.

Mixing valve - the basic features of the unit include the regulation of one mixing valve (which can be increased to a maximum of 5 mixing valves by using module 4c-MX).

Fuzzy Logic - the regulator works to adjust boiler output so that the desired boiler temperature is maintained continuously.

The BUS function allows for extensions thanks to its modular design, so that a sparkNET module can be included, for example, or a thermostat or mixing valve module etc.

The unit can be fitted with a remote or manual touch panel, enabling full regulation of the boiler from a room and at the same time serving as a room thermostat.

It is one of the hew control units to display information about fuel levels, while fuel levels can also be displayed on a sparkSTER remote panel.

The unit is easy to operate over the Internet using a computer, tablet or mobile telephone.


Retrofitting options:

-  SparkNET - control over the Internet and servicing over the Internet

-  module 4c-MX - the possibility of controlling 2 mixing valves (two modules can be attached)

-  SparkSTER - remote or manual touch panel with integrated room thermostat

-  SparkLINK – uploading new software (for maintenance service organisations)

-  electronic pin - guards the motor against overloading and gives a warning signal if the screw gets blocked, but without cutting the cotter pin

sparkNET Modul B, C sparkSTER sparkLINK elektronic pin