Automatický ocelový kotel GEKON COMBI 20 - 25 kW


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Automatický ocelový kotel GEKON COMBI 20 - 25 kW
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GEKON is a steel boiler with automatic feeding for solid fuels. The boiler is controled by modern control unit which ensures  minimal maintanance and ecologic, money saving  heating of family houses. Boiler is used also for heating of the usage water and fullfils all the parameters according the strict norm called ECODESIGN



Gekon boiler can combust brown coal (fraction up to 4 cm) and wood pellets with the efficency up to 95 % and meets the requirements of the emission class 5. Thanks to modern control unit with modulation of combustion this boiler is highly ecologic and economic. Therefore there are fuel savings up to 40 % in comparison with standart solid fuels boilers with manual feeding.



Following the efficiency of the boiler and a wast tank with volume of 250 litres this boiler is very comfortable for refilling. High capacity of the tank can offer up to 4 days of operation with avarage power. Operation over the summer can offer capacity up to 10 or more days depending on the usage of supply water. Boiler can be operated by room thermostat whichi stops the pumps and controls the mixing valvesCleaning of this steel body is also very easy and can be done once in 3-4 weeks.


Boiler construction

Body of the boiler is welded from hardened steel plates used only for the boilers. Inner area is made from 6 mm thick plates nad critical places are strengthen to 8 mm. Outer body is made form 4 mm thick plates. From the front side you can find three doors. Upper for cleaning, middle for fire up and lowest for ash collection. There are also service hatches on both sides of the body for collection of  the ash from vertical heat exchanger. One service hatch is also on the top for cleaning the vertical heat exchanger. On the back side you will find exhaust connection in diameter of 156 cm, Input and output for heating system and draining output. The boiler is constructed followingly. In the front part there is the main combustion chamber where is mounted the burner and there is also space for piling the ash. Heat generated from the burner follows the path to upper horizontal exchanger where are bended steel plates for decelerating the fumes and for increasing the efficiency. Fumes than follows to the main vertical heat exchanger in the back of the body. Combination of these two types of heat exchanger ensures the highest efficiency. All inner areas are used as an exchanger and it means there are in contact with water. There is about 3m2 of heat exchanging areas. For isolation of the boiler body is used mineral wool.         


Boiler protection

The Gekon boiler is protected from overheating by bimetal sensor, which is on when temperature rises over 90 °C. Sensor will block the feeder and fan. When this happens  control unit will fuly open the mixing valve and turn on all pumps connected. Another protection is for a backburn. There is also a sensor which will react when temperature goes over 70 °C and it will cause that the fan will turn off and the feeder will turn on to overdose the burner and overdose the burning material to ash tray. If this for some reason fails there is a wax joint wich is connected to water tank. Wax will melt with high temperature and water will extinquish the fire in the feeder.


Function and cleaning

The Gekon boiler is constructed for combusting of brown coal. For this purpose is used new generation of universal burner which thanks to uniqe air mixing chamber inputs the optimal amount of the air to the combusting chamber. This ensures complete combusting of the material without sintering and also the amount of the fuel in the chamber is burnt with high efficiency. Fuel is fed by screw feeder from the high capacity tank. Feeding mechanis is verified by long term testing. Main advantage is that the screw feeder is fixed on both ends and the pushing up princip is created with reverse screw from the end of the feeder. This will push up the fuel in the centre of the burner where is everything perfectly burnt and nothing unburnt will fall to ashtray.

Hot fumes from the burner goes up following the back wall of the boiler chamber where is a fireclay which ensures complete burning of hard particles in the fumes. This makes the combustion process more ecological. Fumes follow the path to double horizontal heat exchanger where are the turbulators  which are basicaly bended plates which slows down the fumes. Thanks to these parts there is lowest temperature of the fumes on the output - about 150 °C which ensures high efficiency up to 95 % and of course very low emissions.

The boiler body is isolated by mineral wool with 6 mm thickness. This ensures thath the boiiler sustains the heat energy in its body and transforms the heat from the fumes to water on the area of 3m2.

Control panel is situated on the top of the casing and the central controle module is separated and can be installed anywhere in the room where the boiler is mounted.

We make tank on both sides and thanks to low energy cost we meet the strict EKODESIGN norm.

Cleaning of the horizontal heat exchangers is very simple. Only by pulling out the turbulators and cleaning the places with scratcher. Vertical heat exchanger is the same system which you can clean only by scratcher after you open the service hatch on the top. Ash which will fall down under the vertical exchanger can be collected from one of two service hatches on the sides of the boiler body. The ash from the fuel is piling up in the front chamber where the burner is mounted and can be collected from the bottom doors simply pulling up the ash tray. Maintanance of the burner is done by middle doors and the dust which can ocasionaly occur in air mixing chamber is cleaned from bottom doors when you unmount the hatch on the bottom of the burner body.


Main advantages

- Boiler body mady from 6 mm steel plates and critical places from 8 mm thick plates

- long durability

- two horizontal and two vertical heat exchangers

- 3m2 of fumes-water Exchange area

- easy cleaning of the exchangers

- adjusting of the doors

- turbulators for higher efficiency

- fireclay plate for cleaner fumes

- universal burner¨

- heat exchange right above the burner

- minimal sedimenting

- weight 550 kg


Universal Burner:

The boiler GEKON is fitted with universal burner 27 kW. This burner has a three major sections: combustion chamber which is made from cast-iron for high durability, air mixing chamber made from steel and screw feeder. The screw feeder made from steel 6mm thick and runs along the entire length of the feeder right up to the furnace and is fitted with a reverse thread in the second part of the furnace, which is forcing the material move upwards. Thanks to this technology the feeding proces eliminates creation of sinter and if any appears this systém will push over the sinter to the ash tray. The shaft of the screw is extended and is firmly anchored on both ends which ensures no squeaking noises during operation. Thanks to the square shape and drawing in of air from four sides to the centre to encourage combustion, the burners achieve high combustion temperatures and efficiency levels and low emmisions.

Marking boilers   GEKON 20 GEKON 25
Nominal output (coal) kW 20 25
Nominal output (pellets) kW 20 25
Minimal output (coal) kW 6,5 8
Minimal output (pellets) kW 6,5 8
Nominal efficiency (coal) % 95 91,2
Nominal efficiency (pellets) % 92
Exhaust temperature - nominal output (coal) °C 108 129
Exhaust temperature - nominal output (pelletsl) °C 100,7 97,6
Exhaust temperature - minimal output (coal) °C 66
Exhaust temperature - minimal output (pellets) °C 65,5
Chimney draft ps 18 - 19 19 - 20
Heat transfer surface m2 3,2
Recommended operating temperature heating water °C 70 - 90
Minimum return water temperature °C 60
Max. operating pressure bar 4
Connection voltage V 230
Input power W 170
Average electrical power consumption W 50
Boiler weight kg 425
Volume of water in the boiler l 96
Volume of the fuel container (coal) l 300
Size filling opening container (coal) mm 340 x 530
Boiler depth (incl. chimney) mm 887
Boiler height mm 1094
Boiler width mm 1215
Diameter of the flue exhaust mm 156
Connection of the heating and returning water 6/4
Emissions class EN 303-5 - wood/coal - 5
Heated area to: m2 200 250